The Temple of Art documentary Kickstarter is live!

Temple of Art is a project conceived by photographer Allan Amato, his quest over a two-year period to document the lives of artists, distilling their inspiration and motivation through media like interview and self portrait.  It is a gallery show on both coasts, a book, and soon, a documentary.

I’m still a little shocked to be included in this project, which includes loads of my first art idols (like Dave McKean, David Mack, Jim Mahfood, Kent Williams, Junko Mizuno) and current friends and colleagues in illustration  (like Marc Scheff, Dadu Shin, and Kyle Stecker).  It’s produced by everyone’s best friend, Neil Gaiman (among others)!

Here’s all the artists

[It’s also a bizarre personal circle that Roman Dirge is in this, I was a goth comics babby and I named my pet dove after him when I was 14…)

Click the link to check out the project!

Check out the Kickstarter for this documentary, which includes /creepythread contributors as well as loads of painters you know and love!



Pacific Northwesterners: I will displaying and selling work at the ICON 6 Roadshow in July, next to the illustrative force of nature Phoebe Wahl!

This means /creepythread will be in Portland!





Tumblr’s thumbnail of the first image is rly bad please click it for better quality D:

I was a part of a zine about creepypasta called /creepythread a while back, and unfortunately didn’t finish my piece for it until recently. The panel in the third image is the one in the zine, if you want to pick up a copy! There are a lot of amazing artists in it.

The story I picked for the zine is called String Theory in which the character starts to see strings that determine fate throughout their day.

Embroidering comics is really hard and unless you’re masochistic I don’t really recommend it haaaaaaaaaaa. Three or so months in the making.

Oh dang it’s done

Reblobbing ‘cause I can

Only one panel of Kystal Downs’ embroidered comic appeared in /creepythread, and now you can finally read the whole thing!  It’s a triumphant work of spookiness.

We had such a great time at TCAF!!  We’re in the process of applying for even more comics festivals, spreadin’ creepies across the globe.  

Buy the book at the link above!